About Us

What is Tripcor?

Tripcor is a photo based travel site that allows users to share travel experiences and plan trips directly on the site.  Users can browse the travel photos of other buddies for inspiration and add these photos to an itinerary to plan an upcoming trip.  Tripcor lets users organize and share their travel experiences in a fun and simple way.

What can you do with Tripcor?

  • Plan trips! Search a destination and use the photos to plan and organize an upcoming trip in a printable itinerary.
  • Organize your travel photos! Upload photos from your past trips to individual suitcases to better organize your memories.
  • Plan trips with Friends!  Create a shared itinerary with the buddies you will be traveling with so all users can easily plan the trip together.
  • Share travel experiences with family and friends!  Upload photos from a past trip to a suitcase, and share your stories.  Tell other buddies what you enjoyed or disliked about a certain activity and share any other advice from your trip.  
  • Create photo blogs!  Use your photos to narrate your experiences in a photo blog.  Share your unique insight and stories with others on each photo instead of in the typical blog format.
  • Find things off the beaten path! Search hashtags such as #unique, #Route66, etc. to find attractions outside of the typical tourist spots.

Why Tripcor?

Tripcor was born in a dorm room in the middle of France.  After becoming increasingly frustrated with the tools available to plan trips, the founders decided there must be a better way.  Our mission is to provide a forum for travelers to discover new destinations tailored to their personal preferences.  It is easy to go to a destination and see the same fourteen attractions as everyone else; but what about the places in these cities that hold the most culture? 





Q: What is Tripcor?
A: Tripcor, simply put, is a social website that makes planning trips simple and fun! By using other’s photos and personal experiences, you can create itineraries for future trips, add friends to them, and print them when you’re ready to take the trip! You can also upload all your own photos when you get back for friends, family, and other users to see and add to their itineraries. To plan your trip, we have created two special features called “Suitcases” and “Itineraries”.

Q: What is a Suitcase?
A: A suitcase is a collection of your photos from your trip

Q: What is an Itinerary?
A: An itinerary is a collection of other user's photos of things you want to do, see, and experience on an upcoming trip. You can organize these by the dates you will be taking your trip.

Q: Do I have to join to plan trips?
A: Yes, to be able to build trips it is necessary to either create an account or login through Facebook or Twitter.

Q: Are there other features on the website besides trip planning?
A: Absolutely!  We have an online store where you can purchase travel items, our own merchandise, and travel specials reserved only for Tripcor members.  We also feature many different articles written by our well-traveled team at Tripcor on travel ideas, destination reviews, and everything and anything travel-related. 


Q: How do I add an Itinerary?
A: After you log in, click on "My Itineraries" and click the "Add Itinerary" button.  Then, fill out the required information.

Q: Can I add personal photos to an itinerary, or only photos uploaded from other users?
A: You can add photos from your computer as well! Simply select the day and click on the "Add Images" button on the right.

Q: Can my friends see and make changes to my itineraries?
A: Definitely!  First, make sure your friends are following you. Then, add them to your itinerary for them to be able to make changes and add photos themselves. 

Q: Why can I only add Followers to my Itinerary?
A: We enabled this feature to reduce spam and bots.  Also, for more well-known travelers who have a large following, this feature helps them reduce invites to itineraries by lots of users. 


Q: How do I add a Suitcase?
A: After you log in, click on "My Suitcases" and click the "Add Suitcase" button.  Then, fill out the required information.

Q: Can I upload more than one photo at once to my Suitcase?
A: Yes. Simply select all the photos you want to upload after you click the "Choose File(s)" button then hit "Open"

Q: What type of photos should I upload?
A: Upload photos of monuments, attractions, and things you found interesting in a particular location! Users find that personal experiences about non-mainstream things to do in certain locations are the best.  For example, photos of the Eiffel Tower are great, but an even better photo might be of an amazing hidden restaurant that not too many know about!

Q: What can and can’t I post?
A: All photos that are suggestive, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise may be deemed offensive are not permitted. We suggest you consult our Terms and Conditions before posting questionable content.


Q: What about privacy? And what does “Hide Itinerary Dates”mean?
A: In the "Edit Your Profile" section, you can elect to hide your itinerary dates. Tripcor is fueled through user’s photos, so when you upload a photo it is available for all users to see whether your profile hides dates or not. The privacy feature hides your itinerary details so other users cannot see when you will be traveling to a certain location. The only way a user will be able to see these dates when your profile is set to hide these details is if you accept their request.

Q: Can I delete my profile?
A: Always. Simply send an e-mail to support@tripcor.com with your e-mail address and password and the Subject Title "Delete My Account" and we will delete your profile.

Q: I have other questions. Who should I contact?
A: Send us an e-mail at info@tripcor.com with any other questions you may have or fill out the form on the Contact Us page.